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Security is by far one of the most important facets in our current reality. Every moment, we hear news of break-ins, thefts and breaches of security; compromises that could most times mean the difference between oh-so-precious life and bitter death. To manage threats of compromise and ensure that spaces stay safe and secure, individuals invest pretty heftily into various brands of security locks. These brands are seen as the crème de le crème, cream of the crop and cherry on the cake, with a long track record of consumer trust and a standing guarantee that promises utmost security. They are the brands that security locksmiths, lock stores and professionals would often times recommend as viable options of securing your home and its environs. So, without further ado, let’s dive right in to the metallic world of top lock brands securing the hearts of people all over the planet.

Kwikset Locks

Kwikset Locks

You may not have heard of this dandy lock brand, but I bet you’ve certainly come across it one way or another. Kwikset is an American lock and lockset manufacturer owned by Spectrum Brands Hardware and Home Improvement Group. Kwikset’s locks are very ubiquitous in the region of the United States, found on a myriad of doors. The doors come in both manual and electronic configurations, guaranteeing a variety of sophisticated locking options with which to choose from. However, the bad news is, due to its very common presence, lock pickers and bumpers have been able to find vulnerabilities to this pristine lock. As a result, Kwikset locks have suffered the dreadful fate of lock picking and bumping. Nevertheless, the Kwikset lock is reasonable priced, durable, and a fantastic option when it comes to home security.

Schlage Locks

Schlage LocksSchlage is a lock manufacturer founded in 1920 by Walter Schlage in San Francisco. With nearly a century of expertise, experience and quality in lock making, it is no wonder that Schlage locks are amongst the most popular sets of high security locks, cherished for their high degree of durability and consumer trust. Although Schlage locks are more expensive than competing brands like Kwikset, Yale and Baldwin, the extra cost is justified by providing tougher, manipulation resistant locks that are harder to pick or bump open.

Yale Locks

Yale LocksThe Yale locks are so popular, in some areas, the word ‘lock’ is substituted for ‘yale’! Yale is a lock manufacturer owned by Assa Abloy. The Yale locks are one of the oldest brands of locks. Yale lock manufacturing company, founded in 1868 by Linus Yale, Jr, the inventor of the pin tumbler lock (a kind of lock that uses pins of various lengths to prevent the lock from opening without the correct key), is a revolutionary establishment known for quality and expertise. Since it’s one of the older brands of locks, most lock manufacturing companies owe their designs to the founder of Yale locks. Yale locks guarantee absolute trust and are possess the capacity to secure doors from the most destructive of access.

Baldwin Locks

Baldwin LocksBaldwin locks are another brand of locks that have secured their reputation in the hearts of the people as decent locks. Although these locks are neither the best nor the worst locks, they are widely accepted as a secure lock with aesthetically pleasing design, strong and rigid construction, and sophisticated crafting. These qualities have prevented forced entry in many homes and is a very dependable option when it comes to security.

Medeco Locks

Medeco LocksMedeco was founded as the Mechanical Development Company in the mid 1950’s by Paul A. Powell and Roy C. Spain in the Cave Spring area of Roanoke County. The company invented a unique mechanism that uses angled key cuts combined with elevating and rotating special pin tumblers to create a lock that was so tough to pick, it was described as an unparalleled innovation in the facet of lock manufacturing. The locks manufactured by the company boast a high level of security that is mind-bogglingly difficult to pick and bump making it one of the most secure and trusted brands of locks available anywhere.

There are many other brands of locks, but these are a few of the most commonly used locks utilized in home security and unauthorized access prevention.
Security isn’t a joke in today’s constantly insecure world, and with new and innovative ways of picking and bumping locks on the rise, it is always best to make sure that trusted, durable and dependable locks are used to guarantee safety and eliminate the unwanted probabilities constantly nagging at the back of our minds. Contact AAA Locksmith Seattle and talk to one of our locks specialists about your options.

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