Top reasons to change your locks

When and why is it Time to Consider Changing the Locks?

Your door or window lock is an essential part of the security or your home or business. Wherever our locks are installed, it always feels great to know that there is some good level of security in the place we spend quality time or where we store some of our valuable items. In order to maintain this level of security, a lock change may be necessary. When and why do you need to consider changing the locks?


Moving into a new apartment or office building is an exciting time in the life of anyone. However, this new venture comes along with a challenge. It is possible a copy of your key could be with the previous occupant of your apartment. Since you may not be sure of this, a lock change would be ideal. Ensure your locks are changed immediately the previous tenants move out – so you can be confident about the security of your property.

Lost or Stolen Keys

Changing your locks is the first and most important thing to do when you lose your keys. Do not wait in confidence that you may recover the keys. Since you may not know who has your key and if it can be linked back to your apartment, it is ideal that you change the lock and give your property and extra level of protection.

Old or Worn Out Locks

Wear and tear can significantly affect the functionality of your lock over time, and you may soon find out that locking and unlocking your door has become more difficult. For your safety and convenience, changing the lock would be a wise idea. Do not leave the lock and expose it to tampering by straying hands and burglars.

A break-in or Attempted Break-in

It is only normal that you change your locks after a break-in or attempted break-in. In most cases, this act may compromise the security of your property; hence, it would be great to take precautions just in case the burglar returns.

It has been a Long time you changed your locks

Finally, it is smart to change your locks often even if you are yet to experience any of the above situations. This way, you would be better able to take advantage of the latest technological advancement in lock security and have some peace of mind in the security of your property.

Locks Changing

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